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29 - Jun - 2017


They say sharing is caring, the world has become a global village and everybody in it is considered brothers and sisters, regardless of race or religion. Kisima Safaris, a source of adventure, is willing to share Kenyan Marathon Secret. We take you to the land of Kenyan athletes, the worlds greatest/best Marathoners, to witness the culture of running that naturally exists in our high altitude land Iten.  We take you to our famous training center where world marathon champions were and are still being molded. The likes of Ezekiel Kemboi, Lorner Chiplagat, Kipchoge Keino, David Rudisha and the last time I visited a foumours training centre, I found the Ethiopian Super star Mo’ Farah among many other celebrity marathoners.


Kisima Safaris gives you a chance to participate and witness our culture of charity through marathons held annually to help people with specific problems like Matter Heart run, Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero Campaign Kenya wildlife marathon etc. Kisima safaris also give you a chance to let the wildlife stare at you as you pound across the savannah in a cloud of dust in adventurous marathon within beautiful Kenyan terrain like Kimbia Kenya which has currently been dominated by French  philanthropic and sports tourists. This is the kind that takes your breath away but motivates you to go more miles and see more. Kenyan athletes and our brothers and sisters from all walks of the world attend to make a difference in their lives, in the donation recipient’s lives and gives back to the hosting community at large. Stay in touch; miss a race, your loss!

Below is a list of our annual marathon calendar that Kisima is willing to assist you to attend comfortably.

1. Kimbia Kenya February
  • To discover Kenya!
  • To support education in Kenya:
2. Tsavorun May
  • To restore and conserve the heritage of Tsavo Ecosystem in a holistic manner.
3. Mully International Half Marathon May
  • To transform the lives of orphaned, abused and abandoned children in Africa.
  • To help students attend Mully University College
  • To support MCF operations and drought relief efforts in local communities surrounding MCF operations.


4. Safaricom Marathon. June
  • To support Wildlife conservation
5. Mwea Classic Marathon July
  • To create awareness that connects education and economic empowerment to sports
6. Amazing Maasai Ultra Marathon July
  • To support education projects for Maasai girls
7. Kenya Wildlife Marathon and Half Marathon October
  • All proceeds from the runs will be given to Kenya Wildlife Trust
8. Maasai Mara Marathon October
  • To support: education, Conservation, Water, health and Sanitation,
  • Sport tourism Catalyst.
  • Continuity for our marathon Champions.
9. Standard Chattered Nairobi Marathon October
  • To help support project for our ‘Seeing is Believing’ community imitative that aims to raise funds for the needy in the community.
  • Create a community event for everyone’s enjoyment
10. Sotokoto Safari July
  • To advance a heart of giving back and reinforce human values in addition to actively participating in education and the development of leaders.
11. Ndakaini Half Marathon September
  • To support sustainable supply of safe water to the Ndakaini Dam through conservation to the catchment areas.
  • Empowerment of local community to develop viable social economic enterprises associated with the dam.
12. Safaricom Madoka Half Marathon October
  • To promote and develop young athletes in the local communities specifically in Taita Taveta County
  • Help other athletes prepare for international marathon events all over the world.
13. Sasumua Dam Half Marathon November
  • Running for water catchment conservation
14. Kass International Marathon November
  • To offer high quality sporting activities, entertainment and merchandise in a professional way that meet the present and future client’s needs, in the current dynamic market.
15. Kakamega Forest Marathon November
  • To conserve the Kakamega Tropical Rain Forest
16. Kisumu world AIDS Marathon December
  • To help eliminate the stigma that is associated with AIDS by creating awareness all over the world.

The sites of these races are carefully picked annually to give participants a scenic unforgettable experience. An ultra-marathon might seem TEDIOUS but when on a beautiful scenic landscape it surely is GLORIOUS. You doubt? Well there’s only one way to find out!


Sustainable Tourism is part of us. We practice it in our offices and out in the field. As you travel with Kisima Safaris please join us by practicing sustainable tourism.

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