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17 - Jun - 2017


As Kisima Safaris we share the tales of young Kenyans born and raised in the slums and rural areas. Growing up they have nothing more to take their mind out of the reality of poverty but sports. Forcing them to em-braise their talents as the scape goat of their reality. These disdained areas have raised quite a number of sports men and women who have represented us and made us proud all through the years. The likes of McDonald Mariga, our very humble Victor Wanyama, Denis Oliech not forgetting our Kenyan Javelin YouTube master Julious Yego just to mention but a few have thrived from such settings.

How do we share this; while on Safari we can organize visits to the rural areas and slums to interact with kids in estate, school and Village sports teams. In this you have a chance to train with them, inspire them and even donate balls, jersey or even participate in making the playing field better. Kisima Safaris believes in talent because it is not usual for this Generation’s African parents to support talent. they believe that a child should study and that talent is a waste of study time. I know you believe in talent,¬† through Kisima Safaris you have a chance to make a difference while on safari to an African child to believe in their talent.


KISIMA SAFARIS also Share the story of a group of Maasai warriors. Not even their traditional attire of mare Shuka  (red robe) bound to their bodies by nothing but a belt and their beaded accessories worn on their neck, wrist, waist and ankle could stop them from embracing the game of cricket and being perfect at it. They have thrived in this game foreign to the Maasai community without changing their traditional attire or Identity. We show you how these remarkable athletes, sportsmen and warriors have changed lives in their community. We take you for a journey to experience how there amazing talents and relentless efforts of our sportsmen have given back to the community through charity empathy and by being involved in young talents and the less privileged in the Kenyan community.


Above all we take you to where all these began, we give you a chance to play and train with kids in the young football teams and to bring a smile to an African child by donating boots and inspiring them to always aim higher. This African trip might not be meaningful to some who just want a quiet holiday but is very significant to those who value talent. Those who have had talent pay their many more trips to different destinations but, all that is the reason why diversity is beautiful.

These are stories untold by any other, and unfelt by those who just read/listen and sit back. Who says adventure thirst has to be quenched by just visiting the Savanna and going for game drives? These tales that Kisima safaris tell are best experienced when you are on the African ground to see, participate and make memories and a difference. Remember, we are indeed the source of adventure and we give you nothing but the most thrilling adventure with a difference. Therefore, TRUST!

Sustainable Tourism is part of us. We practice it in our offices and out in the field. As you travel with Kisima Safaris please join us by practicing sustainable tourism.

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