Wildebeest Migration Safaris

The world is full of many wonders, but there is not greater or exciting phenomenon on earth that comes close to the annual wildebeest migration across the Maasai Mara ecosystem and the Serengeti. The annual migration of grazers in the count of millions across northern Tanzania to and from Kenya is undeniably a unique world wonder.

Going on Wildebeest Migration Safari can prove to be a front-seat on a truly dramatic unfolding of the clockwise movement of grazing herds. It is not only the numbers of the herds that are unbelievable but also the challenges of seeking pasture and constant watchful against attacks from predators, mainly the big cats.

To experience this world-class epic drama, you need to make a plan and book a wildebeest migration safari to put you in front of the fluid and dynamic phenomenon that cuts across Kenya and Tanzania. No matter your timing both the summer and winter seasons offer a spectacular view of the wildebeest migration among other grazers such as zebras and gazelles. You will witness first-hand the breath-taking wildebeest calving that happens in thousands upon thousands.

This is followed by highly anticipated river-crossing as the grazers seek to cross over to find greener pastures. The migration from the Maasai Mara to the Serengeti is marked by the Grumeti River in Western Serengeti, which happens between May and June. The river-crossing is the climax of epic drama as the grazers fight the giant predators that waylay them in the deep waters. Thus, you get to witness zebras and wildebeests wrestle crocodiles in a very thrilling action. To witness this phenomenon, you have to be at Maasai Mara between August and September or visit Southern Serengeti in the month of February.

The world-famous wildebeest migration will be a thrill and an unforgettable experience that you will be happy to capture on camera. We arrange specialized wildebeest migration Safaris and advice on the most favorable routes for game-viewing during both the wildebeest calving season and the Masai Mara river crossing. We know the location and positions that deliver the best experience and vantage points for photography and pleasure.
A wildebeest migration Safari is truly an experience you do not want to miss!


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