Philanthropic Safaris

Philanthropic travel is simply conscious travel meant to create meaningful life experiences through exploring a deeper understanding of the communities encountered in travel destinations. Philanthropic travel is focused on impacting local communities to forge solutions to long-term issues affecting them.

Philanthropic travel provides the perfect opportunity to giving back to the community and creating meaningful cultural exchanges while working and participating in community programs. We provide you with an unending itinerary of travel activities to explore the historical and cultural diversity of communities in different regions of African in which you can connect in person with the economic, health and social development partners in distinct communities.

Our philanthropic trips are well-balanced to give you a blend of cultural and sightseeing visits and allow for ample rest time and reflection. We organize philanthropic travels for both small and large groups. We have a professional travel team who are quite experienced and knowledgeable in philanthropic tours who will accompany you as local guides to each regional destination you wish to visit.

We work closely with our clients as well as institutions and organizations seeking specialized philanthropic experiences

The highlights of our Philanthropic Safari service are as follows:

  1. Private touring with personal guides and drivers
  2. Custom itineraries organized to match your personal preferences and schedule
  3. Seamless travel packages including wholesome logistical assistance from accommodation, transport arrangements, and VIP fast-track offers for airport transfers
  4. All-round support during your trip to deliver upgrades and bonuses to your leisure time

Our philanthropic safaris are the ticket to serving humanity and connecting with communities in deeper regions of Africa and joining hands for causes such as, school building community projects or feeding the less the less fortunate and terminally ill. We strive to deliver authentic tours shaped towards achieving sustainable programs in serving and improving the lifestyles of the local communities and their cultures.


Sustainable Tourism is part of us. We practice it in our offices and out in the field. As you travel with Kisima Safaris please join us by practicing sustainable tourism.

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