Aberdare National Park -“Majestic Peaks, Moorlands and falls”

Aberdare National Park is one of the most thrilling Kenya National Parks, with an incredibly wide range of activities. This is probably the reason UK’s Princess Elizabeth was on an Aberdare safari enjoy the serene Environment before she ascended to the throne.

Aberdare offers a raft of activities paralleled by few other wildlife parks. Aberdare national park has some of Kenya’s finest trekking and hiking trails crisscross the over slopes and moorland, there is also mountain biking given its high altitudes, Aberdare is a great place to hone your mountain biking skills while taking in the awesome sights of Kenya wildlife as well as the breathtaking landscapes. For nature lovers and sightseeing safaris this will be the right place for you. Spectacular waterfalls cascading down several cliffs, the Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha and the Mau escarpment are seen on the horizon. The marvel of Aberdare’s abundant wildlife is evident in the large herds of elephant, buffalo, zebra, giant forest hog, the stunning bongo and elusive leopard. Aberdare national park is also a home to over 250 bird species; the park upholds Kenya’s reputation as an ornithologist’s paradise. Crowned eagles, hornbills and buzzards either dramatically swoop through the forest or soar above.

Aberdare National park also boast to have two tree hotels; Treetops Logde and the Ark, which are located on the lower slopes of the Aberdare mountain ranges. Treetops was thrust into the international limelight in 1952 as it was while vacationing here that UK’s then Princess Elizabeth became Queen upon the sudden death of her father. Treetops is built on stilts and although the facilities are shared, this is somewhat compensated for by the magnificent wildlife viewing platform.
The newer Ark Lodge has en suite rooms and is located near floodlit waterholes and a salt lick that attract animals every night.  There are a couple of accommodation options higher up too although these tend to be more basic. These are Fishing Camp, Sapper Hut and Tusk Camp which can all be booked through the Kenya Wildlife Service. We also have the Treetops Hotel a tree hotel also offering the same experience.

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