Kenya Flying Safari

Flying Safaris offer the richest experience of the diverse wildlife and landscapes of Africa. Flying Safaris in Africa give you the ultimate view of Africa’s gigantic rainforests and innumerable wildlife species in contrasting magnificence of natural beauty in both small-sized and huge animals. While traditional four-wheel drive game drives give you a close-up view of the diverse flora and fauna, flying offers a completely different view of Africa’s majestic splendor. You can choose a private jet charter or a helicopter flight from major national reserves in Kenya and explore the diverse wilderness of Kenya from a bird’s view angle.

A flying safari is definitely the simplest and hassle-free means of exploring the various dynamics of the physically extensive landscapes and animal habitats that Africa is known for.  A Flying Safari saves you time since you are able to cover long distances in a short time and leave plenty of time to enjoy the local ecosystem.

Flying Safaris not only offer the flexibility to enjoy wildlife in large scale but also connects you with many destinations from main tourist attractions in the coast to the interior countryside in popular safari landscapes such as the Maasai Mara.

We organize helicopter safaris which feature popular destinations of rich wildlife diversity such as, the Samburu and the remote moorlands of the great Mount Kenya. Our flying safaris give deliver the experience of a soaring bird over the majestic plateaus and meandering landscapes of Africa to experience the dramatic view of landscapes, hills, mountains and lakes from the skies.

Our flying safaris will invite you to appreciate scenic and exciting excursions of different destinations and cultures. In additional, we provide for executive accommodation in safari lodges and hotels that strategically blend well with the fun of safari activities such as, viewing animals and tracking them in their habitats in a dramatic unfolding worth a film award.


Sustainable Tourism is part of us. We practice it in our offices and out in the field. As you travel with Kisima Safaris please join us by practicing sustainable tourism.

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