Agricultural Tours

We are Kenya’s leading agricultural tours operators offering specialized farm tours & agricultural study tours of farms in Africa. Our track record is excellent in providing Agricultural, and Agribusiness Tours for more than 10 years. We cater for all types of Agritourism and expeditions in Africa.

All our tours are custom-made to fully meet the needs of our clients whether individuals or groups. We also tailor budgets, logistics and every aspect of transportation and accommodation to match the needs of our clients.

Our tours are literary the tour desk of the agricultural sector in Africa. At Kisima Tours and Safaris, we offer agricultural tours that showcase the wide range of businesses in agriculture. They range from dairy farming, horticulture, landless livestock as well as multi functional farming.

Kisima agricultural tours are ideal for full range travelers from Africa and overseas seeking farm-stay, farm visits, planning and consulting in agribusiness, farm demonstrations and sight-seeing.

If you are planning to visit Africa with the interest of an agricultural organization we can handle your special interests. We will arrange a custom itinerary to reflect your interests whilst matching you with utmost value.

We deliver world-class itineraries for agricultural tours in extensive quality to give you the best of Africa’s agricultural stellar trends and destinations. Expand your knowledge-base in the fast-growing agribusiness world. In fact, you stand a chance of learning what the next generation of farming in Africa is up to and experience new technologies such as controlled traffic farming.

We have various Agricultural study tours on offer that are a great inspiration in the agribusiness world and emerging trends in farming. We are proud to be regarded as a gateway to the riches of Africa’s expansive agricultural sector and agribusiness developments.

Agricultural Tours

Tea Farms to Visit while in Kenya

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Finlays’ Estate


Sustainable Tourism is part of us. We practice it in our offices and out in the field. As you travel with Kisima Safaris please join us by practicing sustainable tourism.

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