Hiking, Wildlife, Adventurous Women Only Trip – 09 Days

Join fellow adventure girls in a 9 days hiking and wildlife trip to Kenya. If you have ‘hiking with the wild animals’ in your bucket list then this must be the best time to cross it out. Let your adventure quest take you to African’s most hidden secrets. Hikes on the most unbelievable African terrains on trails created by wild animals accompanied by an experienced local guide. The hikes are not difficult, they are medium. Ranging from 5 – 6 hours. Aside from hiking adventure, you will also get cultural adventures like walking with the Maasai cattle, walking with the resident baboons, an afternoon of tubbing in River Nzoia with beautiful background. Adrenaline gushing activities for kick ass women like the Ziplining on top of a rainforest canopy. You will enjoy a natural pool at a waterfall after a long hike and many more lovely activities for women only. You finish your trip in the Mara. Get a chance to sit with the Maasai girl fighting hard to get out of their destructive cultural norms of Female Genital Mutilation and early marriage by running to a rescue center to secure themselves some space for education with the hope of changing their life and their community’s perspective

  • Encounter with the Maasai Community at Shompole.
    Shompole wildlife conservancy is only 118 km South west from Nairobi. It offers opportunity for Game Drive as you search for the Big Five. Enjoy your night under luxurious canvas at Shompole Camp and have a wilderness bonfire experience under clear skies with plenty of stars. Shompole’s uniqueness lies on its geographic location. It is at the border of Kenya and Tanzania, lies between Lake Natron and Lake Magadi which are all saline lakes and is located at the edge of Nguruman Escarpment overlooking the great rift valley. This conservancy covers a total of 35,000 acres and is surrounded by 140,000 acres of Shompole group ranch which provides a disposal area for wildlife and buffer zone.
    The camp.
    Provides privacy, comfort and relaxation in mind, each Shompole room has its own cool-pool and informal sitting areas, a bathroom with a view and a specially designed tent that includes vast windows and a high-canopied roof. Making it perfect for our women only exclusive group.

    The Community.
    Just like the Mara, the surrounding community at Shompole are the Maasai community. They paint the Semi-arid area with their colorful culture. The environment graced by their numerous heard of cattle. The Maasai are nomadic pastoralist making their lifestyle quite predictable. Their daily routine consists of waking up and walking their cattle in search of pasture. To them to them, cattle are their sign of wealth and they live to own more and more of them. At Shompole you get to interact with the community at even participate in their cultural activities.

    Hiking Guruman Escapment
    160 km west of Nairobi lies Nguruman escarpment, the western boundary of Kenya’s Rift Valley, to the south near the border of Tanzania. Hiking to Entosapia River Waterfall is the most done activity by visitors who come to Nguruman escarpment. Hiking up the waterfall and back could take up to 5-6hours depending on your starting point.it entails climbing from 750m to 2000m above the sea level.
    What makes your adrenaline gushing in this hike is the arrant drop, clinging on every root and branch in your reach for your dear life. That experience is as memorable as the sight of the waterfall at the bottom.

    Hiking Kereita Cave and forests
    An indigenous forest sitting on an underground natural water reservoir. Lying on the southernmost end of the Aberdare ranges. Kereita forest has interesting hiking trails and natural features to be explored by adventure lovers. Amon them the Kereita cave home for the small bat colony, the Carbacid trail that leads to the Kereita waterfall on Gatamaiyu River. The forest is important for being the mass grave for over 5000 locals revengefully killed by the British colonial administration in 1953. This was after a freedom fighting group called Mau Mau killed over 100 loyalists in the area including the area chief. So, stay alert you might just hear voices.

    Experience wild Africa at Entumoto Private Safari Camps.
    Located in Maasai Mara, Entumoto provides chic luxury and a number of activities to take part in during your stay with them. Its location at the Mara gives you an opportunity to be close to the wild animals of the Mara. Alongside game drives they have community projects to give back to the community. As a trip for the women we chose Entumoto to give you a chance to be part of the Siana girl rescue center. Siana girl rescue center is a girl’s boarding school build to rescue the Maasai girl from early forced marriages and female genital mutilation, famously known as (FGM). The girls’ education and wellbeing have been made possible by well-wishers who visit Entumoto and are touched by their stories. Kisima safaris supports girl rescue centers because we are concern about an African girl welfare.

    09th Feb to 17th Feb 2018   SOLD OUT 09th Feb to 17th Feb 2019   OPEN
    05th May to 13th May 2018   SOLD OUT 05th May to 13th May 2019   OPEN
    08th Aug to 19th Aug 2018   SOLD OUT 08th Aug to 16th Aug 2019   OPEN
    11th Nov to 19th Nov 2018   OPEN 11th Nov to 19th Nov 2019   OPEN

  • Day 01: Trip to the Semi – Arid
    Briefing will be done at the airport upon pickup by our office representative. You will travel to the south western semi-arid areas of Kenya to Shampole camp. The journey from Nairobi to Shampole takes you the rolling green foot hills of the Ngong hills. The land descent to the semi-arid plains. Arrive in time for lunch. After lunch and a short rest, have a walk with the resident baboons.
    Overnight at Shompole Camp

    Day 02: Nguruman Escarpment Hike
    Starting Point Entosapia School
    Ending Point Entosapia School
    Walking duration: 5hours
    Terrain: Dirt Trail Rocky
    The trail will first take you through a river crossing stream. Soon after, it gets very steep. Settlements below, Ewaso Nyiro River, the crystal Lake Magadi and other surrounding hills get clearer as you climb higher. The trails levels for some distance then gets steep again. As you make your final pull to the water fall the terrain gets steeper. You will weaver off the trail at some point and go down a bushy vertical descent of about 10m through forest undergrowth in order to access the waterfall bellow. The water pool below the 2 waterfalls offer a nice swimming pool to cool off as you enjoy the view. You will have your lunch the site.
    Overnight at Shompole Wilderness Camp

    Day 03: A whole new kind of Adventure.
    On this day you relax as you enjoy the gifts that come with Shompole camp. You will have an early morning game drive, followed by a cultural visit to the nearby Maasai village. The Maasai are pastoral nomads. They live to feed their animals. Therefor their day to day activity after waking up is taking the animals for a grazing walk. If lucky you will take part in this interesting and different experience. You will be back at Shompole for a hot lunch after which you will enjoy tubing in the nearby river. The nature around the river is heavenly.
    Overnight at Shompole Wilderness Camp.

    Day 04: A historic castle in the Jungle
    After breakfast depart Shopole leisurely Limuru. Experience true luxury and relaxation in the heart of Africa at Sovereign Suites. Arrive for lunch and have a relaxing afternoon by the pool, you can have your own private yoga session at the quite balcony that overlooks the dense forest. Real adventure awaits the next day.
    Overnight at Sovereign Suites

    Day 05: Hiking on the steps of freedom fighters.
    Kereita caves and Forests
    Starting Point: Carbacid Forest
    Ending Point: Carbacid Forest
    Walking duration: 6 hours
    Terrain: Animal trails through an indigenous forest.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    The first hour is a walk through an exotic forest scattered with large open clearings created by human activities. As you get further into the forest and descend into the first river valley, the clearings give way to the beginning of indigenous forest. Undergrowth gets thicker, more interesting and varied. Giant Ferns and climbers abound, competing for the inadequate light escaping through the gnarled mammoth trees that stand tall and healthy. There the sound and smell of nature stand out proudly. The jungle comes to life with the calls of Monkeys and various bird species and forest crickets. Gets to a point where the trail is hardly visible, the only one you will strain and see are those made by animals going in the general direction of the waterfall. After ascending and descending two river valleys, the trail passes by an elephant pool, a large water body where elephants come to romp. Another one hour walk past the water hole bring to Kereita waterfall on Gatamaiyu river. Dropping 60ft to the stream below. To the right side of the fall is the cave with small bat population.
    Enjoy the zip lining over the jungle after picnic lunch. After the adventure drive to the shores of L. Naivasha for overnight.
    Overnight at Chui Lodge.

    Day 06: The Rift Valley
    This day will comprise of relaxing activities. Visit the geothermal natural hot water spa. Return to your lodge for lunch then you’ll opt to rest in the lodge or go back to the geothermal spa, our driver will be at your disposal. At 16:00hrs, have a sun set boat ride at L. Naivasha.
    Overnight at Chui lodge

    Day 07: Maasai Mara National reserve.
    Have a taste of Kenya’s traditional safaris as you treat your body to world class spa in the wilderness. With your driver, you will drive to Maasai Mara through the sweeping expanse of the Rift Valley, Kenya’s most spectacular game reserve. On arrival, you will have lunch. You will then proceed with the afternoon game drive from 1600hrs returning to your overnight camp at sunset.
    Overnight: Entumoto Tented Camp

    Day 08: The Mara Plains.
    You will have a full day in the Mara with an option of doing an early morning game drive at 0630hrs before breakfast. Later go spend time at Siana Girls Rescue Center which also has Siana Primary Boarding school. The center was set up to rescue young Masai girls who are vulnerable. It is managed by the headmaster and solely depends on donations from well-wishers. One may even ‘’adopt’’ one of the girls, by sponsoring her through her schooling. 1600hrs or depart for a full day game viewing with picnic lunch that will take you to the Mara River to see the hippos and the crocodiles. You can also opt to take a balloon safari which will be followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush (extra cost). An optional visit to a Maasai Boma (homestead) will reveal their outstanding culture and customs (extra cost).
    Overnight: Entumoto Tented Camp

    Day 09: Departure
    Have a 06:00aa.m game drive and later be back to the lodge for breakfast and checkout. Depart for Nairobi in time to catch your flight back home.


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