Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is situated only one hours driving or one hundred km from Nairobi. Lake Naivasha is the 2nd largest of only two fresh water lakes in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. The lake is an ornithologist’s paradise; it is home to 400 species of wonderful bird life and being the second largest fresh water lake in Kenya, It’s a paradise for bird lovers with more than 350 species found here which include fish eagles, ospreys and lily-trotters. It’s also a heaven for wildlife and more so the grazers such as zebra, impala, giraffe and hippos. The lake is ideally situated for some relaxation at the start or end of your holiday since its near Nairobi.

Lake Naivasha is one of Kenya most beautiful small Rift Valley Lakes. It is surrounded by feathery papyrus, marshy lagoons and grassy shores where hundreds of water birds such as pelicans, Egyptian goose and cormorants among others birds can be seen

Lake Naivasha is synonymous with large hippo life and boat ride is also the country’s second largest fresh water lake. For those looking for Bird watching safari destination, Naivasha is a must see with over 350 bird species. Common animals include antelopes, hippos, buffaloes and an occasional view of the king of jungle, the lion.

Those seeking an expedition of a life time will enjoy a fulfilling boat trip, which by far is the best way to explore the lake and also the private crescent island game sanctuary which is actually a peninsula, the crescent being the remaining rim of a volcano.  It is simply one of the most beautiful parks in Kenya, often called Naivasha’s best kept secret. Crescent Island is an Animal and Bird Sanctuary on the Eastern Side of Lake Naivasha that is also home to Masai giraffe, zebra, dik diks, steenbok, impala and gazelles. Walking in the sanctuary gives one an opportunity to see an array of animals and birdlife. You can explore afield in Lake Oloiden just a few minutes’ drive from any Naivasha Hotel. Naivasha is also where we have Elsamere, the home Joy Adamson”

Next in the marveling experience is Hells Gate National Park, which is among few national parks that allow visitors to have an exploration walk as well Cycling. Hells Gate National Park offers the Annual wheelbarrow race. Situated beside the lake stream vents and bubbling springs, the park is home to game and large flocks of birdlife. Visitors will sight the famous natural hot geysers, eagle, buzzard and vulture breeding grounds.

Lake Naivasha is approximately 100 Kilometers from Nairobi and a 2 hour drive away. Lake Naivasha is located north west of Nairobi on the floor of the Great Rift Valley

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