Safari Packing Checklist : Avoid Over Packing disorder

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26 - Sep - 2017


The idea of coming to Africa for a safari is definitely very exciting and thrilling at the same time. Packing for the safari might be a bit challenging considering the changing temperatures and internal flight baggage restrictions.  And most importantly if you already have a chronic overpacking disorder like me.

The basic requirements are; Sunscreen, a good hat with a wide brim, a camera, and sporty shoes.

What Bag To Carry

As much as our safari Vans and Jeeps have more than enough space for your luggage, I would advise you to have a soft bag flexible enough to be squeezed in a tiny storage compartment. Going to the bush means you might use the small aircraft with very minimal luggage allowance.

Light weight Rain Ponchos

November is a rainy season in Kenya so a light weight poncho might come in handy. For the beach and the Savanna, a moisturizer might be very helpful because of the heat.

How to dress up.

Some safaris might be long distances so it would be advisable to dress lightly and comfortably. African weather is variable, it has chilly mornings, super-hot days in some areas and cold evenings so you might want to pack something warmer.

Some hotels expect guest to wear trousers and collared shirts during meals.

Long sleeved shirts, dresses and trouser will come in handy during the born fires. It will help with the mosquitoes and stubborn insects in the bush.

Unless you are booking into Luxurious accommodation, we would advise you to carry enough clothes for the Safari for the laundry in other accommodations are charged.


Will help in spotting game during game drives. Having a pair of your own will ensure you don’t miss even a second of action.

Save some space for power strips.

Camera batteries and chargers might come in handy. Phone chargers and a power bank too.

Insect repellent

There are night outdoor activities in the bush examples being night game drives, born fires, bush dinners and the tents are technically out in the open. The inside might be taken care of properly but the mosquitoes are free to bite outside.


The African sun may be quite intense. Have just a pair to help you glare during the game drives and for the dusty roads


Our vans and land cruiser have the medication in the first aid kit. But you might want to carry some just in case you need them in your room at night.

Here are some very essential ones you might consider bringing along.


You are prone to encountering mosquitoes in the bush. This might help to prevent malaria.


In case of allergies or insect bites


This might come handy just in case you eat something g that does not liaise well with your digestive system.

Sustainable Tourism is part of us. We practice it in our offices and out in the field. As you travel with Kisima Safaris please join us by practicing sustainable tourism.

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