Why The Bogoria Girl Safari


Its during the just passed festive season (December 2017) that the Bogoria girl was born in me. My family’s 2017 Christmas holiday took us to all the lakes in Kenya’s Great Right Valley. We left Nairobi on the 24th December and first destination was Lake Bogoria where we stayed for three nights. Our home for those three nights was Lake Bogoria Spa and Resorts. With two swimming pools the resort is a perfect getaway for families with kids. It gave us a chance to swim late at night because one of the pols is naturally heated pool. Lake Bogoria is famous for hot geyser springs thus the naturally heated swimming pool. 26th Dec will forever remain a special day for me. On this day dinner was by the pool (the natural heated pool). Friends of Lake Nakuru was the band entertaining us, we also had the bogoria women perform their traditional dance. Then here came what would be my 2017 highlight. The manager on duty announced that there was a short video clip they wanted to show us. He went on to explain what it was all about. It was about one of their own at Lake Bogoria Spa and Resort by the name Lydia. The clip was about what Lydia has been doing for the community around the resort and she was appealing for well-wishers to join her. This Lady has been putting smiles on girls and women in Bogoria though the journey has not been easy. I came to learn then that the girls in Bogoria are not able to attend school throughout each month because their parents can’t afford sanitary pads. Came every November and December those that are of age risk going through FGM.

This story touched me so deep and I felt the urge to know more about Lydia and the bogoria girl. Ruth was our waiter that evening and I enquired from her who Lydia was and if it was possible to see her that evening since we were to leave next day in the morning. Luckily enough she was on duty and within few minutes she was at our table.
Lydia shared with me at length on what it is that she does for the bogoria girl and woman. To most of you reading this maybe it has never occurred to you that we have some girls who miss school for 3 to 5 days every month because they can afford sanitary pad. I would like to let you know that this does happen and Bogoria is one of these places that you will meet these girls. She goes onto tell me that she uses her little savings and what she has collected from friends to buy these girls the sanitary pads. This was shocking. Yes it was not the first time I was hearing this kind of story in my home land Kenya but it was the first time I was listening unedited story. A story from someone on the ground who told me as it was. I asked here a hundred and one questions. With the little she gets she is able to buy the pads but there are times when she does not get enough money to buy and provide to all the needy girls. By now you all have an idea what happens when a girl does not get her monthly supply…..you are right, she misses school close to five days and though she stays at home she is very restricted on where to go or what to do. Sad, right? You will be more surprised to learn that one girl needs only Kshs 2000 (20 USD) to be able to get a one-year supply for the sanitary towel. Yes, the figure is correct. Per month this will be Kshs 170 approximately (USD 1.70). During this talk an inner voice kept on telling me Anne you need to do something and even as I type this that inner voice is still talking to me. I have no dought that I need to do something for these girls.

Effect of these 3 to 5 days is very huge. These girls are forced to go out and source for the little money they need. And how do they do this? They are lured by men who in return gives them some few shillings for their needs. A times this results in early pregnancy and early polygamous marriages.
Lydia goes on to tell me that come November and December which is our schools longest holiday some of these girls are forced to go through FGM. This is also another of her project. To see that these girls are not subjected to this inhumanly act, she keeps on educating young girls on why they should not agree to go through FGM. Our talk got deep that at some point, I had to release my family to go for a swim at the spa pool promising to join them later (we had agreed earlier that we were to have a late-night swim). Our 7-year-old son kept on coming to remind me that I needed to join them in the spa pool as we had a deal. At one point he came and said “Mummy, I can see that this is a very serious talk but is there hope of you joining us at the swimming pool” He was very right, I was touched by this story that for moment I forgot why I was at Lake Bogoria Spa.

Remember I mentioned that some becomes victim of early pregnancy? There need also becomes more. As we concluded promised Lydia that I will be one of those who will walk with her on this journey. Am not sure but maybe she has been told this before but nothing materialized. As we ushered in the new year I told myself that will make personal contribution to this very noble course. I will approach my friends and request them to each take care of a girl for a whole year. Being that I am the CEO and Founder of Kisima Safaris I felt I could do more. On coming back to the office after the holidays I have shared the story with my team and they all want to be part of this journey. It is through this that THE BOGORIA GIRL SAFARI has been born. For every client who travel with us Kisima safaris will contribute 20 dollars toward purchasing of sanitary pad. We also welcome our guests on this safari to add something on this kitty and be a part as we give confidence to the BOGORIA WOMAN. The Bogoria is thus commencing this year and we are ready to walk with these girls and make them have a bright future ahead.

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Women-only Safaris makes you connect self, Other women and Nature. On arrival you come in with packed suitcases but when going back home you take more as self-love, love for others, joy, strength, knowledge just to mention but a few are some of those that you will have added in your packing going back home. You also don’t leave us empty as we leave us with Love, smile, hope, care and any more. You plant a seed in other women’s lives that is priceless.


Women-Only Safari Programs:

About Kenya Safari

Perfect holiday take  Kenya Safari:

An outing on a Kenya Safari Holiday

Kenya is a safari destination known worldwide. When you talk about Kenya Safari what comes to most people’s mind is Wildlife Safaris which is the signature for our safaris. Safari is a Swahili word for Journey. Our wildlife is in natural habitats and so one has to on a journey to see them. You can visit a National Park or National Reserve but without a game drive you can go back home having seen no animal. A game drive is very important while on safari and equally important is who takes you on this safari.

What is a game drive?

This is driving inside the National Parks and National Reserves in search of the wild animals. Please note our animals are in the jungle and are not restricted thus they move from one place to another.

Who is the right person to take you for a game drive?

For you to have the best experience on a game drive you don’t need a driver but instead you need a driver guide. Driver guides have the rich knowledge on the animals, bird, flora and Fauna. They are experts in looking for these animals. They also know where you are likely to find a particular animal. You also get to learn more on each of the animals that you spot. For them it’s not just seeing an animal, taking pictures and moving to the next. Instead they impact you with rich information that by the time you are coming to the end of your safari you have good knowledge to even write a book about Kenya Safari.

Kenya Safari:

This is not limited to just Wildlife. Kenya is a rich country and it have more to offer. Our other attractions are Beach Holiday, Cultural Safaris, Agriculture Safaris, Hiking and Cycling Safaris, Marathon Safaris. Kenya Safari is never complete until you combine the wildlife safari with either one or two of the above. Our clean beaches are perfect spot for relation be it for a family holiday, Honeymooners, Students, Adventure clubs, Women only groups, or any other group that has come together to have fun. Culture is very rich in Kenya. With over 42 tribes there is a lot to learn from us. Kenyan are very warm friendly people and will always welcome you with a warm smile. Interacting with the locals give you a chance to experience Kenya day to day life.

Enkare Nyairobi (The City Of Nairobi)

Nairobi holds a thick history of how it has travel through time. Kenyan Capital city has moved from ‘Enkare Nyirobi’, to an end of Mombasa – Nairobi Railways in 1899 and later in 1905 it became the capital of the British East Africa protectorate. In the year 1963 it became the capital of the Independent Kenya. ‘Enkare Nyirobi means the place of cool waters as it was known by the earliest inhabitants, the nomadic Maasai community and that is where the name Nairobi originated.
Just like the Mara, Samburu, Tsavo and any other National park ‘Enkare Nyirobi’ was a spring of plenty of wildlife till late seventies and during the phenomenal migration, the wildebeest could trek looking for pasture till the present day Mombasa road. These are things I presently hear in stories from my father who was privileged enough to have been raised in the jungle City. Having stayed in South B he speaks of a different kind of Nairobi, he grew like a city boy and played like a Maasai moran. He narrates of the days they could walk within the animals with dogs. Today, Nairobi is a fine concrete, bush and tall indigenous trees, and lives up its billing as the city in the sun. It has not lost its jungle nature though as the tall building structures are sandwiched by tall thick vegetation that adds to its beauty. Mombasa road now borders the Nairobi National Park. The roaming animals of the metropolitan were given a secure home to protect them from the rapid population increase in the city and to reduce human – Animal conflict.
Being in Nairobi and properly utilizing your time gives you an insight of the famous Kenyan Spirit to the genesis, Nairobi railways museum, to the original owners of the place of cool waters who live not far from the city. Nairobi National Park is the place to experience what ‘Enkare Nyirobi’ looked like years before civilization, before it became the present day Nairobi. As a metropolitan it’s not only a welcoming home to the 42 Kenyan tribes and other people from all over the world but also a home to orphaned young elephants and rhinos rescued from different parks all over kenya. At David Sheldrick Elephant Trust, you will be carried away by the power of love, humans caring for wild young animals before they are released back to the wild. If you are thinking you have to travel to all parts of Kenya to discover the way of life for the 42 Kenyan tribes, then you are mistaken. The Bomas of Kenya, meaning the villages of Kenya will show you interesting and attractive exhibits of different traditional homesteads and demonstrations of simple traditional practices and lives of the almost each community in Kenya. This is not all; this walk is accompanied by traditional stories that will help one distinguish the uniqueness of each community. How else would you better understand and appreciate diversity other than in this magnificent manor? All under one magical city.
Have you ever thought of a city that has forests in it to provide the Nourishment one desires after a busy day? Hills, thick forests and plenty of birdlife for bird watchers. Nairobi Arboretum is a 30 ha of green paradise in the city. It has over 350 species of indigenous and exotic plants some only found in Aberdare which is home to over 100 species of bird, a population of Sykes and Velvet monkeys, many butterflies and other small wildlife. It has beautiful marked paths for walking, jogging and occasional concerts held including tree walks and talks by friend of Nairobi Arboretum.
The vibrant Nairobi spirit exploration wouldn’t be complete without being present in our fascinating vibrant night life. In between the trees and in the tall buildings lie world-class night clubs and a hyped audience never seen in any part of Africa. Our uniqueness lies in our energy, ability to party hard and diverse fashion sense. This all round nature is what have kept tourists mesmerized by the Kenyan capital city and the difference has given us a sense of pride that shall forever live…. Hail to the blessed city built in a jungle. This is just but a highlight of what Nairobi can offer.

Sustainable Tourism is part of us. We practice it in our offices and out in the field. As you travel with Kisima Safaris please join us by practicing sustainable tourism.

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