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Kenya Safaris

Welcome to Kisima Tours & Travel, The Source of AdventureKisima safaris, offers you unique wildlife holiday experiences. The different varieties in the offering, gives you a reason to do a long Kenya safaris as well as return back for more. From Wildlife Safaris to Family holiday safaris, Honeymooners Safaris, the options endless. We have not forgotten those who want to experience Kenya the active way and for this we have Active Kenya Safari packages. We will take you for hiking or climbing Mount Kenya, Mount Longonot, The Aberdares , Ngong Hills and many more that we have here in Kenya. Activities like Water Rafting in Sagana, Balloon safaris in Masai Mara will leave you asking for more.

  • Big 5 safari

    Kenya Safaris

    Kenya is arguably the safari capital of the world and has been so since the early 1960’s when tourists began trooping here to see wildlife. The myriad of attractions that Kenya has been blessed with are the magnets that attract people to her.
    Kenya Safari Programs
  • Family SafariKenya Cultural Safaris

    Kenya with its 43 tribes has a very rich cultural base, ideally borne out of these tribes and the many sub-tribes which combine to produce over 70 tribal grouping at the minimum. The Masai tribe is the most talked about and has come to signify and represent the cultural side of Kenya.
    Kenya Cultural Safari Programs
  • Big 5 safari

    Kenya Active

    Unknown to many people, Kenya is not only about the animals and the Maasai people who have rightly become synonymous with her. There is a wide and rich menu of outdoor activities available for the young and young at heart-activities that will keep you on the edge and your adrenalin high. 
    Kenya Active Programs
  • Family SafariKenya-Unbeaten Path Safaris

    The contemporary safari in Kenya involves flying in, driving around in a vehicle of your choice (a 4x4 landcruiser or safari minibus), taking good shots of your favourite animals, enjoying a cultural experience or a bush meal and at the end of your safari, flying back home. 
    Kenya Unbeaten Path Programs
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